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Dec 25, 2011 08:32 AM

Blender that will liquefy kale for green smoothies

I'm looking for a cheap blender (under $100, ideally under $60) that will liquefy kale for green smoothies. I know Vitamix and BlendTec are amazing and will turn an old boot into soup, but has anyone had success making a green smoothie with kale using a cheap blender?

I currently have the Hamilton Beach 10-speed wave action. (this one: ) I think it's around 350 watts and it does not come close to blending kale. Even when I remove the stems, it leaves stringy ickiness in the blender that I end up having to strain out.

Also, I read that eating raw blended kale isn't actually healthy and can be harmful. Something about it being a cruciferous veggie and having an effect on thyroid function. Any truth to this claim? I hope not.

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    1. We have the old beehive Osterizer, a Kitchenaid and the Vitamix. Only the Vitamix produces a smooth smoothie. The others do a good job within their limitations, but as a smoothie maker, well, they are a no go.. I have NO experience with the Ninja blenders, but the one with the stacked blades may work. I don't know. Seen on TV, they appear to make a rather grainy smoothie; don't know how they would do on kale. I think QVC sell it and they should have a video from the demo. It may help you decide. By the way, since getting the Vitamix, the other two blenders have not seen the light of day in months.

      1. Kale is considered a "superfood". Very nutrient dense. Considered very good for fighting cancer as well as other diseases. It is a staple in my green smoothies along with other dark leafy greens.

        Now with that said, Kale does contain a natural occuring substance, goitrogen, which 'can' interfer with thyroid function. Though in can interfer, it doesn't mean that it will interfer.
        So I would say, that if you have thyroid problems, to check with your doctor about eating Kale or just avoid it.
        For others, Eat kale, but eat it with other foods that are high in nutrients too. There is no one perfect food out there and all should be eaten in moderation and balenced with other foods.
        Green smoothies are a big part of my diet, (think helathy fast food) but I do vary what I put in them. Mostly dark green leafy veggies, with a few other type veggies and berries, with a small amount of fruit.

        As for the blender, I now have a Blendtek that I love. But before my high dollar blender, I had real good luck with a Kitchenaid blender that cost about 100.00. In fact I baught my daughter one to make baby food in. It blends real well. Not sure about kale though. I didn't even know what kale was when I was using my kitchenaid blender.
        Also, I don't usually blend the stalks of kale. Mostly just the leaves and maybe the very small stalks near the tips.

        1. The Ninja Pulse has 700 watts compared to the 350 for the HB. It will liquefy kale but only if the leaves are the younger more tender ones. It will not liquefy the larger, tougher kale leaves. It also won't liquefy the stems of the younger kale leaves. I wanted to try it as they were similar to celery in texture. I will work with spinach and it should work with other tender leaved greens. It also won't liquefy a carrot.

          1. The original comment has been removed