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Dec 25, 2011 05:27 AM

Salted chocolate caramel tart -- serve cold or room temp?

My husband was watching something on TV where famous chefs talked about their favorite food treats, most of them mail-order stuff but a few local specialities. One was a salted chocolate caramel tart -- I don't remember where it was from. I couldn't find it to order online, but it looked so good, I figured I'd just make it.

I googled around, and found lots of recipes. I used one from Saveur, and it looks great so far. I've just done the ganache and it's setting in the fridge.

I've never done a caramel tart before, and my question is this: Do I need to keep it refrigerated until the very last minute, or can it be served at room temperature? I google photos of this dish, and they show the caramel oozing from the slices -- looks great! But will it ooze and "spill" too much if it's at room temp? Or will serving it cold dull the flavors?

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated! Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah!

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  1. The consistency of the caramel will determine if its spills out of not. It will certainly taste better room temperature. You'll have to make the call yourself, but I'd serve it room temperature.

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      I agree. Room temp and oozing caramel be damned. How it tastes is most important.


    2. OK, I served the tart at room temperature, and it was great. Well, maybe I used a little too much salt on top, but that's easy to pick off.

      Now, here's my next question. I was so tired after coming home, I left the tart out overnight. Is it OK to be left out, do you think? It has a regular pastry crust with cocoa (should be fine), caramel (sugar, corn syrup, butter, cream and half-and-half), and chocolate ganache. I'm thinking it should be fine left out. Do you agree?


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