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Dec 25, 2011 02:42 AM

What was in your Christmas stocking?

Father Christmas did me proud this year with a sock packed with foody gifts:

Spicy Moroccan crackers, a very traditional gold coin, packet of Anglesey sea salt pork cracking, tin of scallops in seafood sauce, pane guttiatu, jar of Calabrese salami spread, jar of fig mustard, jar of rouille, some 72% Venezuelan chocolate, a salami of British free-range pork and a bottle of pomegranate & elderflower juice to wash it all down with.

I'm a very happy bunny.

So, what foody gifts have you received?

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  1. Father Christmas brought me a lovely Middle Eastern cookbook written conjuctively between an Australian chef and his journalist wife. They have travelled extensively around Persia and such regions and the books they produce not only have fantastic recipes, but beautiful stories and pictures :)

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    1. re: TheHuntress

      Hi Huntress. Is that one of Greg Malouf's?

      I bought one some months back in a second hand shop. Found it rather disappointing

      1. re: Harters

        Aw, did you? I have Saraban, which I really enjoyed and have had much success with and the latest one, of which the title has currently slipped my mind (post Christmas fog). I find the recipes are simple to execute and turn out well and I enjoy the stories about the history and culture. But I am a bit nerdy like that :) I forgot that I also got a set of pots and pans in red...because 2 sets were just not enough? LOL

    2. I got about half a pound of Gocce di Sole fruit jellies, some chocolate covered cherries, a doughnut cutter, and a new pastry blender. I would happily give you some of my Gocce di Sole (they are delicious) for a taste of your fig mustard. That sounds fantastic!

      1. pretzel m&ms, lol.

        I *did* get a new Wustof 8" Santuko... yipee! I need a new knife block now. :)

        fig mustard... intriguing! we just bought some fig chutney to go with our dubliner cheese... wondering what else to do with it.

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        1. re: jujuthomas

          Fig chutney on roast pork sandwiches or as a side w/ pork chops or chicken?

          1. re: lemons

            you know... DH did a pork roast on the grill last night. I bet it would be terrific with the fig chutney. can't wait to try it! :)

        2. Shun Ken Onion 8" chef's knife (absolutely gorgeous), several Bottarga de Muggine, silicone 2.5" cube and 4" spear ice molds, and a lobe of foie gras, four boneless duck breasts, and a 2 lb. bucket of rendered duck fat.

          1. My man and I (as well as my and his family) have given up gifting each other on xmas a few years ago. We don't celebrate xmas in our house (unless you count "a good reason for a party" and even better eats), so presents seem odd.

            I did enjoy finding both my man and our cat alive and well next to me in bed this morning (sans stockings), which is better than any gift I could ask for.

            >gush over<