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Dec 24, 2011 07:54 PM

First time visitor to West Palm Beach.

We will be in West Palm Beach for 6 weeks, working and staying in City Center area near Kravis Center. We are looking for moderately priced Asian, Italian, Greek, American , or ethnic inspired food. Also like good burgers or pizza. Mainly need recommendations for dinners. We are adventurous eaters and appreciate any suggestions in WPB or nearby areas. Thanks!

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  1. if you want outstanding cuban go to havana at the corner of forest hill blvd and dixie hwy

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    1. re: seminole phil

      We love Havana. We go every time we are in town.

      1. re: Waquoit

        Thanks! Any other suggestions? We arrive next week and have looked at recommendations from Zagat, and Open Table. Looks like we won't be starving.

        1. re: Carolecleve

          You will get more responses if you post on Miami-Ft. Lauderdale board which includes WPB.

    2. There is a new asian/sushi place just opened on Clematis St. The menu is huge and price is very reasonable. It has a great vibe and always crowded on the weekends. Rave reviews online. The place is called kabuki located next to Don Ramon's.

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        Thanks Evangelion. We've been to Empire State Deli,&Opa Taverna. Will try Kabuki next. Then Havana. Heard about Frech Corner Bistro. Anyone know if it is good?