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Dec 24, 2011 06:57 PM

Kaffeklatsch near Alewife?

I live near Lowell. A friend is staying at the Long Wharf Marriott in Boston next week, and will have a car. I can drive but have a leg injury that means I can't walk easily or manage lots of stairs. We want to meet for an early seafood dinner so I am thinking the Summer Shack on Alewife. Is there somewhere nearby with comfortable seating where we could go afterwards for a long, leisurely chat without feeling pressure to vacate the table? I haven't been to the Alewife area in a long while so I don't know what's there. Something like a Panera would do. No bars, though.

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  1. Unfortunately not much. The Starbucks in the Best Western next to Whole foods sounds like the best bet.

    1. Also the Whole Foods at Fresh Pond has tables and I have sat there for like 3-4 hours doing homework and no one bothers me. Just a walk over the bridge as well.