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Dec 24, 2011 06:36 PM

Today Golden Gate Bakery IS open.

Yesterday I posted about the strange sidewalk sale GG Bakery was having, selling egg tarts by the box from a darkened doorway. Today the lights were blazing, the door open and the line stretched out the door from inside. The (dare I say "inscrutable"?) bakery had, without notice or fanfare, shifted to apparent "open" mode, though I didn't notice if they were selling anything other than egg tarts.

I'm guessing they may also be open Christmas Day, Chinatown being Chinatown, but curious about what Monday will bring.

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  1. How else will people get Chinese food, egg tarts in this case, on Christmas?

    1. Passed by today (25th) about 1:30 and the line was so long there were line defining ropes up. Didn't get close enough to see what was on display inside.

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        I checked it out around the same time; there were 48 people in the line by my count. You can bet that nearly all of them were there for the egg tarts.