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Dec 24, 2011 06:31 PM

Very Oily Costco/Starbucks Coffee Beans

I just opened a bag of Kirkland (Costco house brand) coffee beans, whic say they are "Roasted by Statbucks" on the bag. It's a green bag House Blen Medium Roast.

I've bought these before and they were fine, but these seem very, very oily. I've bought them before and I don't remember them being like this. Has anyone else had this experience?

Should I keep them? Is this a normal variation for coffee beans?

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  1. It's pretty common.
    Honestly, I'd be more concerned if they _weren't_ a bit oily.

    1. Normally it's the dark roasted beans that are oily. I bet yours are more than medium.

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      1. re: Akitist

        They do look dark - I wouldn't mind that, I'm just surprised that they're so inconsistnet from bag to bag.

      2. Oily is a good thing. It's an indicator of freshness.

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        1. re: junescook

          Who told you that? Oily means two things: a) beans are overroasted - cell structure completely breaks down forcing the oils out after pretty much all the moisture has evaporated (along with the aromatics), or b) beans are stale - coffee was roasted dark enough to break down enough to allow the oil paths to the surface, which happens after a few days.

          You will never, ever see freshly roasted medium roast beans with an oil sheen. It's physically and chemically impossible.

        2. I purchase that coffee all the time. The beans are generally very glossy, sometimes even more so.
          My Costco has a fast turnover, so I have never found the beans to not be oily.

          1. I buy the whole beans at CostCo and then grind them there, too--definitely quite oily (I have to use my hand to move the beans through the chute sometimes). Have never considered it a problem, and the smell of the oil on my hand is a bonus!

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            1. re: pine time

              I buy my beans from Cosco as well. Here in Austin they have a brand named Seattle Mountain. I buy the Seattle Mountain Columbian. They are not oily at all and have never been dissapointed.