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Dec 24, 2011 06:18 PM

First Date Spot on UWS or Midtown East

Looking for a moderately priced place with a bar (for a drink first) and then tables for a meal ... for a date on UWS or Midtown East. Key is noise level being low/moderate (not loud please), and possibility of corner table (or table for four given to a party of two so I can sit next to her rather than across from her). Can be Italian, Continental, Wine Bar, Nice pub. Just need menu to offer seafood and/or salads.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Try Le Bateau Ivre in Midtown East. It's a french wine bar that's pretty good. I've gone there on a date before and it's pretty good.

      As a general note: how much are you looking to spend?

      Le Bateau Ivre
      230 E 51st St, New York, NY 10022

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      1. re: Hofman777

        Thanks. Hmmm. Not sure. Maybe around $80-$100 for two? At most?

        1. re: eldogg

          Is that with or without wine? does the $80-$100 include tip? I also assume that's for both of you...

          1. re: Hofman777

            Yes for both. I mean ... I'm a little flexible. But roughly $100 for two not including tip maybe. Less if possible. There is a nice little Italian place (I believe on 56th called Montebello that I was considering) that is not very noisy. I wasn't including wine either.

            120 E. 56th St., New York, NY 10022

            1. re: eldogg

              Okay. As a reference, at Le Bateau Ivre I spent a little less than $100 before tip for 2 entrees and a pretty nice bottle of wine. The ambiance there is nice, we also got a corner table so it was pretty quiet.

      2. The original comment has been removed