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Dec 24, 2011 05:55 PM

Where to buy desserts on Christmas day?

I had completely forgotten that virtually everywhere will be closed Christmas day. I forgot to pick up a dessert for Christmas dinner. I was leaning towards a cheesecake... is there anywhere open in the Markham / Scarborough area on Christmas day that sells baked goods?

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  1. Maxim at 9665 Bayview Avenue in Richmond Hill is open and they have a variety of Fresh Cream Cakes. Cheesecakes included.

    1. Tokyo Bakery - 4385 Sheppard Ave East (Sheppard & Brimley) (416) 335-5500
      Awesome cakes!!! They are open on X'mas day.

      1. To avoid any hassle for this year in advance, DT Bistro on Harbord is open. At least they were opened in the years past for Christmas day....