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Dec 24, 2011 04:47 PM

Best Lasagna in Los Angeles! (But NO Pork)

Hello Chowhound Folks,

1st: Happy, Healthy, Holidays (=

2nd: My friends are looking for the BEST LASAGNA in Los Angeles.

But here's the thing, it must be "beef only" Lasagna (no pork sausage or ground pork or ANY pork filling.) Most Restaurant that serve meat Lasagna seem to have a 50/50 beef/pork filling or pork sausage added.

So, if you know of a Restaurant that serves GREAT BEEF-ONLY LASAGNA, then please do recommend away!

Thanks! (=

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    1. re: miwine

      Love the lasagna at Mozza, but I would not swear that it was pork-free

      1. re: maudies5

        Angelini Osteria makes a great lasagna. I am pretty certain that the sauce is a combination of beef and veal.

        1. re: maudies5

          Mozza and Angelina Osteria are both fantastic.

          1. re: A5 KOBE

            i'll also have to try both and compare, the one at mozza is only a daily special right?

            And is the one at Angelini Osteria served every day, but only at lunch?

            anyone have any info on these. are you are sure both are all beef?

            1. re: kevin

              Pretty sure that Angelini has it on the menu every day. Check their website. I see that they are also selling that lasagna verde to go. I have had it there for dinner.

          2. re: maudies5

            I was about to say Angelini Osteria's lasagna with it's fried leaves of sage(?). I remember it was very green. Anyhow, I haven't been there in years. I thought it was all beef when I went years ago...

            What else is good to get here? do they make a good tiramisu too? how are there pizzas margherita?

            for some reason, i haven't gone here anymore. why is that?

      2. Found a place: "Buca di Beppo". Their lasagna is all beef - no pork. Just tried it today and here's our review: too much ricotta cheese, not enough mozzarella, but the meat sauce was good. I give it a 3 Stars (our of 5).

        Let me know of other restaurants in L.A. that serve beef-only Lasagna. Thanks!! (=

        1. La Buca on Robertson or Il Pastaiao on Beverly Drive (same owner)
          great lasagna- very meaty, not cheesy at all!

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          1. re: msmd310

            The restaurant msmd310 mentions are all owned by the Drago Family. I really love IlPastaio, but I don't think the question by the OP was re: cheese, it was about the absence of pork. Mozza and Angelelini make it clear that they are pork-free. If unsure, call the restaurant.