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Dec 24, 2011 02:34 PM

arctic char in place of salmon

I am cooking for 10 for New Year's Eve. I love Ina Garten's roast salmon with fennel and onions -- not only because it is delicious, but because there doesn't have to be much fuss in the kitchen once guests have arrived. However, it is not wild salmon season and the farmed kinds currently available are in the "avoid" category of Seafood Watch. (see: ) I am wondering if the recipe would work with arctic char. And if so, would the cooking time be the same? If not, other festive arctic char suggestions that don't require lots of prep and at-the--stove time right before serving?

(The other option would be an all-veggie dinner, so suggestions welcome -- as long as they contain no mushrooms other than plain old white button ones since a guest is highly allergic to shitake, portobello, etc.



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  1. I often replace salmon with char.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      Thanks. Yes, I often do, too. I'm wondering, though, if that specific recipe will work. There's a lot a stake with a NYE dinner party!

    2. I can not think of a recipe where Artic Char or say Rainbow trout could not be substituted for Salmon.The fish have similar textures and oil content making them adaptable to favored recipes.
      Here is a link to the recipe I believe you are referencing..... ( For the convenience of other readers)

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      1. re: easily amused

        Okay. Thanks. And yep, that's the recipe. Highly recommended!

      2. I always use char instead of salmon when it's available. I prefer cooking with it because it tastes very similar but seems to smell less. I have substituted it many times and never had complaints. I would change anything in comparison to a similar cut of salmon.