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pork loin cooking emergency for tonight

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Dinner tonight needs to be cooked in half an hour, so the plan was pork tenderloins with sour cherry sauce (my frozen sour cherries from the annual Wimbledon pitting o the sour cherries).

But I've been handed two pork loins, about 2.75 lbs each, instead of tiny tenderloins.

What can I do? The time constraints are leaving the house at 2:30, returning at 7:30, dinner at 8 (yeah, I know).
1. Cut into 1 lb pieces and roast for half an hour?
2. Tie together and put in oven, and remotely start the oven at 6:15 at 350? (Not positive this oven does this--I am not at home--but I think it does and is quick-heating).


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  1. What about slicing the roast and then pounding out to a one inch thickness? Brown on the stove top, finish in the oven and top with the sauce. I do not know how many you are having so I am not sure this would work.

    1. Remotely start the oven at 5:30 @ 225. Check the temp immediately when you get home and you can adjust....raise oven temp, cut and sear, and etc. My experience with small loin roast is about 2 hours cooking time @ 225. Sear before for color before placing in your oven. You can bring it to temp with a high heat blast if needed as it approaches 8PM