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Dec 24, 2011 09:50 AM

pork loin cooking emergency for tonight

Dinner tonight needs to be cooked in half an hour, so the plan was pork tenderloins with sour cherry sauce (my frozen sour cherries from the annual Wimbledon pitting o the sour cherries).

But I've been handed two pork loins, about 2.75 lbs each, instead of tiny tenderloins.

What can I do? The time constraints are leaving the house at 2:30, returning at 7:30, dinner at 8 (yeah, I know).
1. Cut into 1 lb pieces and roast for half an hour?
2. Tie together and put in oven, and remotely start the oven at 6:15 at 350? (Not positive this oven does this--I am not at home--but I think it does and is quick-heating).


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  1. What about slicing the roast and then pounding out to a one inch thickness? Brown on the stove top, finish in the oven and top with the sauce. I do not know how many you are having so I am not sure this would work.

    1. Remotely start the oven at 5:30 @ 225. Check the temp immediately when you get home and you can adjust....raise oven temp, cut and sear, and etc. My experience with small loin roast is about 2 hours cooking time @ 225. Sear before for color before placing in your oven. You can bring it to temp with a high heat blast if needed as it approaches 8PM