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Good Recipe Software?

With a new laptop came the idea of dedicating the old one to kitchen use. Plus, I am weary of boxes of recipe cards and stained newspaper clippings, mimeographs, faxes and cocktail napkins to prepare from...

Is there a good specialized "recipe" program out there to compile and organize recipes? I've used food.com recipes and the like, and I really find the "scaling" funcion helpful, so I'd like to find a program that will automatically adjust quantities/times up/down based on number of portions.


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  1. I asked this a few years ago on another forum and was amazed at the ideas. Basic word processors and self made databases were the norm. Some bought software, but no one offered a recommendation. I painstakingly added over 450 recipes to a basic database. Its able to be sorted by categories and I can print out each recipe. PLus, I can email the whole thing to a friend...Ann

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      Thanks, Ann:

      Were you whippy enough with the database that you could have the computer adjust/scale the recipes for # of portions? Maybe I can learn.

      I found two recipe software programs at Frye Electronics, but careful reads of the boxes didn't exactly inspire confidence.

      Happy Holidays,

    2. Just a word of caution. BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP, and when you're done BACKUP your data. You'll be happy if you do and sorry if you don't. I learned this the hard way years ago.

      1. Nope, Kaleo. Just the basics.....Try google, but I bought one a couple of years ago and it sucked to copy/paste all the "2" "TSP" "Cumin" "1" TSP" "baking soda" into each individual column. Since about half of my recipes are from online, its easier. I did a basic DB with title, description, ingredients, and categories.

          1. Found this... cookbook-recipe-software-review.toptenreviews.com/living-cookbook-review.html

            1. I've been using MasterCook for years and still love it. I've tried many others but I keep coming back to MC. I'm now using MC11. I can scale recipes, copy directly into the software from my web browser, search for individual items or phrases. I have my recipes divided into a number of cookbooks so that I keep recipes from specific magazines versus internet and/or clippings, etc. separated. It's easy to enter recipes, print recipes, and even email recipes to friends.

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                Hi HBGigi:

                Now we're getting somewhere, thanks! The only program rated higher is Living Cookbook--any one here use that one, and why?

                Nice screen name BTW.


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                  If you haven't done anything yet about recipe software may I add that it's quite simple to convert and then import recipes from text files into MasterCook. MC has a great scaling tool and a good search engine. If you buy this and need help, let me know (there are also a couple of blogs that give really good instructions for MC). I tried Living Cookbook after I'd been using MC for a number of years and felt that MC was superior.