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Dec 24, 2011 08:57 AM

Indian Grocers in Pinellas County

I used to shop at 'Touch of Indis' on U.S. 18 N in Clearwater/ They are closed now. Are there Indian Grocery Stores in Pinellas County?

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  1. My favorite is Mahal Bazaar on East Bay in the Sweetbay Plaza in Largo. It is in the middle of the strip plaza on the NE corner of East Bay and Keene. I would call to make sure they are still open, as it has been probably about a year since I have been there (hard to believe-need to go back soon). Their # is 727-536-2178. Here is their website

    They have a nice supply of frozen items, better than a lot of places. Very reasonable prices. Lots of herbs and spices and various sauces and other dry goods as well.