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Dec 24, 2011 08:34 AM

Baker & Banker Bakery, SF - Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie; XXX Cake; etc.

Baker & Banker has a Bakery, haven't eaten at the Restaurant yet. I just went to the Bakery & it was open Fri 12/23/11. It's around the corner of the Restaurant on Bush St.

Wow! Everything looks Great, but it's Pricey stuff.

I got:
1 Brown Butter Chocolate Chip cookie $3 - It's a HUGE cookie, but so tasty! A bit chewy, lots of chocolate inside & moist. Loved it.

1 Ginger Chew cookie $2.50 - Lots of ginger flavor, a bit chewy & moist inside.

I wanted Lori's Killer Banana Bread Pudding w/ Buttermilk Caramel $5
Peanut Butter Bars $3.5

They have Four Barrel Coffee
Coffee Bar w/ Espresso Drinks

Breakfast Pastries - fresh from the oven every morning - per take-out menu
Pecan Sticky Bun $5
Brown Butter Cinnamon Roll $4.5
White Chocolate Apricot Pecan Scone $3.5
Almond Brioche Toast $2.75
Morning Bun $3.5
Chocolate Croissant $4

Signature Cake - XXX Cake - Slice $5.5; 6" Cake $45; 10" $85 - didn't see it, would love to try it.

They sell homemade breads:
French Country $7
Baguette $3
Poppyseed Challah $8
Brioche $7

They take credit cards!

Days open & hours:
Wed-Sun 9-5

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. re: caz1122

        They closed their bakery and restaurant.