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Dec 24, 2011 07:32 AM

Seaweed salad

When I go to Japanese restaurants I love the seaweed salad they have. I was thrilled to find it frozen in my Asian market. It seems to be the exact one they serve in restaurants. When I read the label it does not appear to be as healthy as I would like it to be. I looked for a recipe for it so I can make it myself but I could not find one. Does anyone have a recipe for it?

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    1. re: magiesmom

      Thank you! I look forward to trying it!

      1. re: Alica

        Alicia, I don't know where you looked but many come up if you google.

    2. The salad you are talking about is made from seaweed only in that it is agar agar, derived from seaweed, then extruded through dies, colored with yellow and blue dye to make it green, and seasoned with sugar. You are right: it's not exactly "health food". I've been told it is manufactured in Japan by only two companies, and comes to restaurants in big buckets. I can give you ideas for making seaweed salads, which I love, but they are very different from this, which is probably impossible to recreate in a home kitchen.

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      1. re: pitterpatter

        I agree, too bad that salad is good. To think people order that salad in restaurants thinking it is healthy. No wonder the recipe was so hard to find. If you have a favorite seaweed salad recipe I would love to try it! Thanks!

        1. re: pitterpatter

          So from what you're saying there is no recipe to be had? That explains why whenever I've inquired of my Japanese friends, they've always directed me towards the hijiki salad, which is good, but not THE ONE!