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Dec 24, 2011 07:28 AM

Whats the BEST restaurant in Atlanta area ?

I will be there driving from Augusta on a Monday night , for one dinner only. Where would you recommend?

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  1. What type of food and what part of town will you be in? Price point?

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    1. re: larkemon

      thanks for your message Larkmon. I like all kinds of food, no price limit just the best place to eat if you have one meal to have . Will be staying at airport after dinner. Driving from Augusta to Atlanta Monday early evening straight to restaurant , so just want to have a great dinner with my son .

      1. re: herb flyer

        youll get lots of inputs--having travelled alot and lived in NYC id say we dont have any in the league places like Per Se in NYC. There are some very good spots--i like Bacchanalia--excellent-- my personl fav steak place is McKendricks--also have fish, veal etc--i not a fan of Rathbun (too much glitz)--look at ratings in places like Urbanspoon or trip advisor to get a good feel let us know what you decide and how you like it

        1. re: herb flyer

          Since you are staying near airport, I wouldn't suggest anything too far north as the traffic (even on holiday) could be pretty bad. There are some really nice recommendations below. Here are a couple more to consider:

          Holeman and Finch ( You can get some really tasty food, even sample the famous burger served starting at 9:30 pm.

          I know you are from NYC, but if you are looking for a really great pizza (best in Atlanta in my opinion), consider Antico Pizza ( It's BYOB, can get pretty crowded, but bangs out just really good pizza.

          Hope you guy's enjoy your time in Atlanta and please let us know about the dining experience!

      2. Question always up for debate....depends who you talk to.
        Here's my list, in no particular order. Check menus and decide.

        Restaurant Eugene
        Sotto Sotto
        Empire State South
        Cakes and Ale (getting a lot of good press recently with newly opened space..too bad closed on Monday).

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        1. re: rcburli

          thanks for your reply. Seems like Baccanalia consistently gets touted at or very near the top. In reading the reviews, and stories I like the feeling it projects better then Rathbun's. McKendricks also receives high marks as a steakhouse. But coming from New York I doubt we can experience better then Lugars.

          1. re: herb flyer

            when i was working id travel to NYC every week--been to lugars, and McKendricks is right there, service may be better at McKendricks--plus theyll make whatevery you want even if its not on the menu, like lobster stuffed tenderloins with hollandaise sauce--if you go ask for Taco hes their best waiter

            1. re: bobstripower

              But coming from NYC, do you really want to go to a steakhouse in Atlanta for your only meal?

              1. re: rcburli

                No. That's why I suggested Bach. But to be honest even the best here would be Mediocre in ny

        2. I lived and grazed in Manhattan for several years and in ATL for a few. Also in Paris, Brussels, Madrid and London. I hate it when people apologise for the food in ATL. The argument might be made that NY is no Paris, but I would take issue with that as well. They are just different and all sumptious in their own right. You can eat very well in ATL. Bacchanila would be at the top of my list. I ate there last Wednesday and enjoyed it thoroughly (drink the Walter Hansel Pinot Noir if you are so inclined. It is the deal of their wine list. i enjoyed it so much that I bought several cases the following day). ATL may not be NY, but then it's not the ATL of ten years ago either. As a city, ATL is becoming much more food conscious and there are really good choices. It, is simply a city that is progressing in it's understanding of finer fare and that requires no apology. Enjoy your trip.

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          1. re: bimmertimmer

            thanks for the tout "bimmertimmer", I have decided to make resv at Bacchanalia as it continues to register numero uno on most everyones list ! Although I am sure McKendricks has great steaks and service , I will wait anonther time when back in Atl to partake. Meantime, I can make do with Prime 112 in Miami and Palm in BAl Harbor and NY Prime & Abe & Louies in Boca. thank you all for your imput. Now I need help confirming that I made that right choice of Calverts in Augusta !!!

            1. re: bimmertimmer

              Amen, Bimmertimmer! I'm also tired of reading that "nothing is as good as NYC" by a few regular posters, plus the "I lived in/visited NYC" as if that awards someone automatic food critic expertise. I lived in Colorado for 3 months, but somehow I'm not a world class skier.
              I'm surprised more people don't want to eat the regional food here, too, when visiting. I normally want to try whatever food a region is known for--bbq in Kansas City, wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest, etc. Atlanta has some excellent Southern restaurants...Wisteria just being one.