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Dec 24, 2011 06:34 AM

Help me fix a menu please!

I have friends coming over. Whenever it comes to sit down dinner, I get really confused with courses. DH and the friends are requesting for steaks. So I'll be making rib-eyes with mushroom sauce. To me steak is just incomplete without buttery mash. But it might be boring to others. So, what kind of potato dish should I make? May be a gratin would be good? or the starters, I am thinking eggs veronica. i would love to serve a pasta, hopefully homemade fettuccine alfredo but at what point of dinner should I serve the pasta? Along the steak or before/after the steak? The same question goes for salad. Please sort m out. I am also doing some vegetables to serve with the steak.

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  1. Well.. at a typical Italian dinner the courses would be, in order:
    Pasta, risotto, or soup
    Steak and vegetables

    But... why would you serve pasta? You're already serving potatoes, if I take your mash to mean. I would make a vegetable as a side dish for the steak then serve the salad before the dessert.

    1. I would not do potato and pasta. I think it would be too heavy. I love potato gratin. Maybe some roasted brussels sprouts with pancetta. If you do mashed potatoes, then I think creamed spinach would be a nice side. As for a salad, you could do a classic wedge or a caesar. And for a starter, I love cocktail shrimp when I am serving beef as my main.

      1. I think the buttery mash would be just fine. I think if you are going to do the pasta, it should be a very small portion before the steak, as both are quite rich.

        I prefer my salad last, but I believe I am in the minority. Given the heaviness of the rest of your menu, I'd go with a light salad. Maybe something with citrus and a vinaigrette - nothing with a creamy dressing.

        1. The problem you have is that a steak dinner isn't really something that you build a menu around, especially with ribeye as it is usually a large/satisfying cut of meat.

          Sounds like ALOT of food. I'd hold off on the pasta. If you are stuck on the idea of doing courses, serve a light salad first with some arugula and some sort of supremed fruit.

          A gratin is going to be even heavier than mashed potatoes with the cream AND cheese, so I would DEFINITELY NOT serve fettuccine alfredo.

          As for serving a salad after the main course, I don't think it really matters. In fact, it may be best to serve it before as people will look at you funny as most have come to expect a salad BEFORE the main course.

          As for the eggs, I've never heard of eggs veronica, but if it is a hot dish, then I probably wouldn't serve it at all.

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            There is a school in France, where the gratin comes from, that has NO cheese in the gratin - that is how my French BF learned it, and it is often served this way in Paris, where he hales from. It is still rich, but totally tastes like buttery, rich potatoes. Very thin potatoes, with 2/3 heavy cream and a 1/3 milk, s&P and a little garlic, that's it!
            This would actually be wonderful with steak, and nice as it can be done well ahead and kept warm, which simplifies serving.
            Skip the pasta - too rich. Second the idea of shrimp or other seafood for starter.
            Small salad, also light and simple to follow mains.

          2. In this house, steak always demands saute potatoes. Usually with salad, rather than vegetables. And, because steak won't hang about after its cooked, we never have a starter.