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Dec 24, 2011 06:05 AM

Frozen Puff Pastry As is Or Can I Roll it?

I've only made cinnamon sticks with frozen puff pastry as is, but I was wondering if I wanted more of a surface area for the my next project, anchovy olive straws, should I roll it out or will that kill the puffs from being formed?

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  1. When I use frozen puff pastry I roll it to the size and shape I want: Pot pie topping, quick pizza-like appetizers, various pastries. It's quite versatile.

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      That's such a great video! So simple and clear. Thanks for posting it.

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        You're welcome, michele cindy. Happy Holidays...!

    2. Rolling it more won't hurt. If it's the kind that you are supposed to unfold before using, I wouldn't even unfold it. I would roll to the shape you want from the folded form.