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Dec 24, 2011 01:20 AM

Anyone have any idea where I can buy Zhejiang/Pinghu-style pickled eggs?

I know this is probably a shot in the dark, but I'm trying to find a local product from the Zhejiang region of China (just outside of Shanghai). They're eggs that have been pickled in fermented rice. Does anyone know of a grocery store or restaurant that makes these things anywhere in Cali?

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  1. There are a bunch of different type of chinese eggs at the back of the SF supermarket on 65th and Stockton. I don't buy them so I can't really say what kind they are. Perhaps you could ask one of the supervisors there where to find them if not there. Another place to try might be the 99Ranch market on Florin and Franklin.

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      Oh right, thanks for your suggestion! I am always blown away by the selection of foods at the markets in Sacramento.