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Dec 24, 2011 12:11 AM

Looking for recs in Randolph-Morristown area

I'm staying with some folks there in early January, and would like to take them out one night. Don't want anything too crowded (weeknight), noisy, trendy or expensive. Good-quality Indian or Thai might work, and I'm sure these are in or close to Morristown. Certainly open to other possibilities. Food quality/value trump all other criteria.

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  1. I'm not very well versed in Indian, so I'll let others chime in. If you are in the Randolph area, I would recommend Thai Nam Phet in Rockaway. www.thainamphet,com It's in an unassuming building on Rt 46 but has very good food. In Morristown itself there is Origin - though that can be crowded and noisy. If you are willing to try something different, for my money, the best food in Morristown based on quality/value is Marjan, a Persian restaurant on Speedwell It tends to be quiet too, so if you want to talk, it's great. I also really like Pamir and Afghan restaurnan on South St. In Morristown. The food is great and it has a much more atmosphere than Marjan and it's a little more expensive. All these recs are BYOs.

    1. For Vietnamese and Thai, I would recommend Lemongrass on Route 10 Each in Morris Plains. We could be very happy on a weekday night to share a green papaya salad and then have a very nice bowl of pho. They also offer more traditional entrees and we have enjoyed those, too. It is a very popular restaurant, but it's not so hard to get a table on a week night. For Indian, I would suggest driving a bit further down on Route 10 East to Saffron which is located in East Hanover. The owners have changed over the years, but we seem to always have a solidly delicious meal. Also on Route 10 in East Hanover is Penang which is Malaysian, reasonably priced and consistently good. For strictly Thai, we have enjoy Summit Thai which is has an East Hanover location. All these restaurants are BYO.

      1. Thanks for the responses. I had also done some poking around, - when I wasn't so tired. Thai Nam Phet sounds good - of the five Thai restaurants in Morristown, all of them seemed to have enough negative reviews that I wasn't enthusiastic abouit them. although Origin is #7 of all Morristown restaurants on Tripadvsisor, so it may be the best of the lot.

        Marjan looks interesting, but a bunch of folks think Pamir has declined since their move to downtown.

        If it is to be Indian, I notice Saffron is Zagat's #1 Indian in NJ, so we would go there.

        Any thoughts on Hibiscus, which is the Tripadvsisor #1 in Morristown?

        Is it truly BYOB? I thought I saw one place described as if you could order wine from them but everything else had to be "ordered" from somewhere else, which seemed to suggest some other establishment brought them to you, which I thought rather odd. Are there "uncorking" or "glass" fees, or does this vary by place?

        Of course, I'm just doing research, and have no idea what my hosts are up for.

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          We haven't tried Hibiscus. I guess I mentally wrote it off because it is in a hotel. Since it is in a hotel, it may have different BYO rules. The rest of the places you mentioned will just open your wine without a fee. We haven't been to Thai Nam Phet, and I now want to give it a try even though it's not that close to Morristown. Regarding Origin Thai, we thought it was fairly pricy. Since moving from Essex County where we knew lots of places where we could get a nice meal for two for between $40 and $50, we haven't found that many in this part of Morris County. Many nice places have liquor licenses which put the meal over $100 for two. Other places, like Origin Thai can be well into the $70-$80 range. We like both Marjan and Pamir and there are entrees on the Pamir menu that I like better than Marjan, but Marjan has very nice (and interesting) appetizers and a wonderful bread.

          1. re: velotrain

            I have to agree with marie, never even considered Hibiscus because it's in the Best Western. I never hear anyone in the area talking about it, so I have to assume it's travelers who are voting for it. All the BYOs are true BYOs, no added fees. I also agree with Marie on Marjan and Pamir. I haven't been to Pamir in a few months, but I hadn't noticed a decline, I actually thought some things got better. I was a long-time Pamir regular in its former location and I think many of us feared the worse when it moved "uptown". It was quaint and quirky before and I think most of use enjoyed knowing about this undiscovered "treasure". They lost the quaint and quirky in the move, but I think the food is still top notch. I'm going to have to go back there soon.

          2. For Indian, I'd suggest Cinnamon on Route 10 West in Denville .

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              pc: Have you ever been to Saffron? If yes, I would like to here your opinion of comparing the two. The first time we went to Cinnamon, we hated it. It didn't seem so friendly and the food had no heat at all. I felt as though I was sized up and it was determined that I couldn't take it. Since I would never form an opinion after just one visit, we did go back a few weeks ago. The experience and, of course, the food was much better. It was good enough for me to determine that I would go back - but I still think Saffron is better.

              By the way, does anyone have suggestions for a Greek restaurant in the Morristown area? I miss Stamna in Bloomfield and the Greek Taverna in Montclair. Someone had recommended a Greek Restaurant on Route 10 in Randolph. We gave it a try, and it wasn't very special. When we moved to Morristown two years ago, there was a sign on a building saying that a Greek restaurant was coming soon. It never came.

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                No, sorry - I haven't been to Saffron. My experience with both food and service has been great at Cinnamon, and co-workers who have been for lunch agree.

                1. re: Marie07960

                  Marie, there are no Greek restaurants in the immediate Morristown area. The Plaka in Randolph closed two years ago and it wasn't exceptional, but it was OK. when one had a hankering for Greek. I just tried Kyma in Somerville a few weeks ago and had a good first impression. It's a bit closer than Montclair/Bloomfield though.

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                    Big fan of Saffron, esp their lunch buffets (7 days a week, iirc). The food is excellent off the menu, too, but certainly more expensive that way.

                    1. re: Curlz

                      I stopped going to the Saffron buffet about a year and a half ago because the heat level was too high. Lunch really shouldn't be a painful experience. I then started going to Cinnamon, which, at the time, was top notch. Unfortunately, Cinnamon's star, to me, has faded. The goat/lamb choice has always been tough/unedible, but the chicken options were usually pretty good. Now, the chicken is barely passable. And the veggies, don't get me started on the veggies. They used to do an amazing gobi. Not any more. Nobody in the state touches their gulab jamon dessert offering, but I can't go to a buffet just for the dessert.

                      Long story short ;) if you're still vouching for Saffron (which, other than the heat level was always very good), I'll give it shot.

                      Man, do I miss Moghul (Morristown). At the top of it's game, nothing could touch that Sunday buffet. Mehndi wishes it could be Moghul.