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Dec 23, 2011 10:46 PM

Tasting menus in Calgary?

Hi everyone! I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for places that have good tasting menus? My family and I recently went to Teatro for their tasting menu and it was amazing! We want to go out again for my father's birthday. We're interested in almost anything.... alas, Catch is ruled out since he's not that into seafood. And I see Capo closed. We've already been to Rush... do you have any other recommendations? Thanks everyone!

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    1. You can't go wrong with Rouge in Inglewood. I also recommend Muse in Kensington. I think that you will need to request the TM when you make your reservations at Muse.


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        My wife and I have been going to Rouge for the past 7 years and always got the Chef menu. This menu is 6 courses (3 starters, 1 main course, 1 cheese plate and dessert) and it always include foie gras. We never had the same menu twice. Last time they served a duo of foie gras including a foie gras milk shake, absolutly an amazing flavour. They also offer wine pairing with the chef menu and it was never disappointing.

        1. re: Canuck65

          How much does that set you back at Rouge?

          I've always heard good things... other than the price.

          1. re: chowJD

            Their online site says $95, wine pairings are $50 for regular, $100 for premium wines.

            I've never done Rouge, but the other places we've done recently in memory (Rush, Chef's Table) are similar price.

      2. There's a great tasting menu around the corner from Muse, Chef's Table at the Riverside Inn. I've also had Il Sogno's and truly enjoyed it.

        1. We've also done a handful of them, and Chef's Table is always among our favorites. I'd highly recommend. In fact, we just did one on New Year's Eve at the Chef's Table and it was exceptional. In addition, the experience is great in having the open kitchen and being able to see the chef's at work.