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Dec 23, 2011 10:02 PM

Difference between all clad saute pan vs braiser

Hi All,
I am kind of confused between all the different names used in cooking utensils. i am looking for a shallow pan that i could use to make curries without burning with less water. So i am across ALL CLAD brown and braise pan and saute pan. Both are 4 qt . The only diffrenece i could see between those two is that the braiser has domed lid and the saute pan has flat lid. Is there any other difference other than that? Does the thickness of the pan change? What is the actual difference between a braiser and a saute pan. Any inputs are appreciated.

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  1. You are talking about this one, right?

    I think you are correct. The major difference is the lid. The domed lid help condensation to a limited degree. There are several minor differences too. For example, the braiser saute pan is part of the new launch so it has a "rounder and larger" handle. It has size and capacity mark....etc. The normal saute pan may or may not have these features depending which one you are looking at. There should not be any difference between these two saute pan in term of thickness.

    The braiser saute pan is simply on a bigger sale now.

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      The "brown and braise" pan to which you linked appears to be part of the original tri-ply stainless line, although the description says it has a new handle. Other sites describe this product as discontinued, and most All-Clad pans called braisers have sloping sides. It's become too complicated, with so many lines and frequent adjustments to the lineup.

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        Good point. I am not entirely sure, but the product information describes it as the new line. The original poster will have to contact the seller to find out more.

    2. A braiser has two handles equal in size, curved sides and a domed lid to retain moisture. A saute pan has one long handle but may have a "helper" handle opposite the long handle, straight sides and a flat lid to release steam.

      Both can be used to sear meats but generally a saute pan will use oil or fat and a braiser can be dry with liquid added after the sear to create a sauce. Typically saute pans use higher heat and braisers use lower heat.

      A braiser is more suited to curries and sauces than a saute pan which is designed to allow you to "jump" the contents of the pan.

      1. Aren't you supposed to be using a karahi for curries? Or a pressure cooker? :)

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          Thank you all for the inputs. i have decided to buy the brown and braise pan with domed lid instead of the 4 qt saute pan. Yes, in India we use karahi but after moving to usa i got used to cook in the utensils that are available here :).