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Dec 23, 2011 07:29 PM

What are you making for Christmas breakfast?

I think I get more excited about Christmas breakfast than I do about presents! Traditionally I've made a baked orange-pecan french toast but this year I'm toying with the idea of making razzies(think cinnamon roll with raspberry swirl instead of cinnamon). Always on the menu are scrambled eggs with Boursin, bacon and fresh pineapple. What's on your menu for breakfast morning?

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  1. Christmas breakfast is a big holiday tradition for us. We have friends as well as family attend.

    My menu this year is:

    Crepes, plain with maple syrup plus red, white and blue fillings: fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, or apples sauteed in butter and cinnamon. Also, nutella and bananas.

    Orange French Toast (Challah bread dipped in milk, eggs, orange juice concentrate). It's a recipe I created many moons ago.

    Nueske's Applewood smoked bacon, Canadian bacon, sausage.

    My husband bought a fresh pineapple today. So I'm guessing that will be served as well.

    Coffee, hot chocolate, prosecco/mimosas.

    In the past I have served either Eggs Benedict or Baked Apple Pancake. Daughter came home yesterday and said she really wanted crepes and Orange French Toast, so no problem, changed menu.

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      Pretty simple. Bittman' overnight waffles with maple syrup and some nice thick bacon from a local place.

    2. The cooks illustrated spinach gruyere strata, tj's croissants, jam, bacon, coffee, coffee cake, fruit salad. Yum! I do the strata every year - bakes as we open gifts.

      1. A bloody Mary after spending the previous night with my in-laws.

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          1. I'm thinking about cranberry orange scones to go with the ginger jelly I made from the recipe that was posted on one of the food gift threads. Its delicious.

            Its just the two of us for breakfast and neither of us are really breakfast eaters. We usually just have coffee.

            1. At my house, it's a cinnamon roll wreath from my Gramma (her usual recipe, doubled, and formed into a wreath instead of rolls), bratwurst sausage, and grapefruit. But this year I'm breaking out the torch and making grapefruit brule. And spiked coffee or mimosas.