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Dec 23, 2011 07:15 PM


Help please!
We have several vouchers that we'd like to use on Christmas. I know we can only use one at a time, but we were trying to find a nicer/higher-end place so that the $100 (for $200) would work. Preferences would be Indian or Brazillian, but can't seem to locate too many of those on the website, and it doesn't really have finite search/sort capabilities. Any help with this would be great. We'll be five people for preferably a late Christmas lunch and anywhere in LA would be great (home zip code is 91206, if you know of one that would be super close by, awesome, if not, we truly don't mind the drive).
Thank you & happy holidays!

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  1. After you have sorted by zipcode, the website does have a search by $$$ cost category, and there are a few contenders for you - problem is, many are closed on holidays or, don't take the certificates on Holidays...

    I'll keep looking though!

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      Alrighty, we have some contenders. All of the places I am listing are on, and DO have $100 certificates listed, as well as NOT having a "no holiday" disclaimer. They also do not say "dinner only" so you should be able to do your Sunday late lunch.

      I have not been to ANY of these places but, they fit your parameters. If any strike your fancy, then you can check the chow boards for reviews maybe : )

      Georges Cucina Italian on Kenneth
      Old Yereyan Restaurant (Armenian, I think)

      Valley Village
      Al Amir, lebanese cuisine
      El Ricon Cubano (Cuban)

      Hanabi sushi bar
      Mezban Indian Cuisine (The only Indian listing I could find that was pricey enough for you : )

      I'd definitely advise calling the restaurant you are interested in today, to make sure they will be open and will take the certificate.

      Hope this helps!

      1. re: happybaker

        This definitely helped us out! Thank you so much - I guess on the redeem side it doesn't allow you to refine the search.

        Thank you again and hope you had a great weekend!

        1. re: awesomeryl

          Awesome - I'm glad it helped and I hope you had a wonderful day!

          Next year you should sign up for restaurant.coms "feed it forward". I don't use them tons, but it's fun to think of "Hmm... who would I like to give a free $10 gift certificate to?"

          1. re: happybaker

            Definitely will - just actually saw that today when I was looking at where we could use the rest of our coupons. Shame they only advertise that on their main page, not on the redemption sites (the coupons tell you to go specific to the redemption site :[ )