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Dec 23, 2011 05:36 PM

Fennel and Red Onion Salad with Blood Orange Dressing

I'm making this salad for Christmas Dinner at my brother's house. My sister in law is serving smoked brisket so this salad should complement it well. I plan to make a vinaigrette with a blood orange and maybe slice it into the salad. My mom says a meyer lemon might be better. I'll see what the quality of the produce is tomorrow at the Eastside farmer's market.

Otherwise I'll resort to Whole Foods.

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  1. I've made that salad with navel orange supremes combined with the fennel and red onion. It's one of my all time favorites. Sounds like a great combo pairing the brisket with it.

    1. I think that's a great salad. My only suggestion would be to rinse the red onions before tossing with the vinaigrette. It mellows out the sometimes acrid taste IMHO.

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        I love the combination in this salad. I prefer it with sherry vinegar along with the orange (seems to complement the orange) and like to finish with some shaved parm (seems to give the sweet some salt that works).

        1. re: teezeetoo

          I made a faux sherry vinegar out of a flat blanc de noirs champagne last year. I enhanced the color and flavor with a tablespoon of marsala. Has a mellow taste. I'm using the shaved parm too.

        2. re: escondido123

          Thanks for the tip! I'm thinking of making orange supremes now instead of slicing them on my clunky OXO mandoline. I'm adding shaved parm at the last minute. Or letting those who mix meat and milk add it. We're taking an Italian bottle Sangiovese to go with the whole thing. It should be yummy! I'd like to get a Texas bottle of Sangiovese to compare that day but I don't have time to get to Spec's.