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Dec 23, 2011 05:01 PM

Can someone recommend a 30'' gas range under $1k?

Just bought a place and the oven has seen better days.. 2002 Whirlpool Gold, 30'' gas free-standing range, 4 burners. All of the burner grates are almost bare of their porcelain (?) coating, and overall looks in bad shape. Thought I'd replace it as all the other appliances are fine. Everything matches, so I'd like to keep it that way, so only something with the black/stainless combo for colors. Also, would like to keep it below $1k if possible, but willing to go above if there's one I have to get.

I feel I'd like a 5-burner model if they are worth it - the middle burner seems useful. Not sure if ranges this small have the option to come with a grill or anything like that in the middle (or anywhere I guess), but that would catch my eye if so.

This looked interesting to me from Lowes:

5 burner, and you can put the griddle/grill over the middle burner.

Also liked this one:

Any ideas/recommendations? Things to look for?

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  1. Those ranges are really bare bones.

    In this price range a little more money means alot more range.

    Frigidaire's near top of the line range has dealer and customer incentives.

    Normally about $1400 plus tax at your local dealer you can have it delivered to your house for $921 after $50 rebate.

    The ones you are looking at have burners in the 7-8k btu range. The one linked below has a 17k btu power burner for rapid boiling as well as searing meat/steak, a 5kbtu simmer burner for delicate suaces/foods, and a 5th Fish/Oval burner rated at 10k btu. Any grill that would be usefull would not fit without sacrificing 2 burners.Not a good tradeoff in a 30" model.

    It has a self-clean oven as opposed to manual clean in the ones you mentioned. Also less than 6 minute preheat in a large 5 cu ft oven. True convection option as well for more even heat and quicker cooking times.

    Cheap price site

    Site with better info and 16 reviews.

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    1. re: DeeAgeaux

      Agree, look at higher priced models. Sears often has 20% off sales, Lowes and Home Depot have good sales often also. You can wiggle a lot more features and functionality into your $1k that way.

      Love Frigidaire ranges, have one myself currently.

      Bare bones is sensible if money is tight, but paying for extra features that you'll get a lot of use out of is worth it.

      1. re: DeeAgeaux

        That model says it is 47'' high... my counters are 36'' - wondering if the measurement they list is to the very top, or to the cooking surface?

        1. re: jrad

          Trust me it is not some strange size for NBA centers.LOL

          It is standard height, 47" is the top of the display panel at the rear.

          Look at the specifications of the Whirlpool you linked.It is 46.25" H. The Frigidaire you linked is also 47" .

      2. We purchased this guy nearly a month ago and have been very happy:

        I think we got it near $799, but the price seems to fluctuate quite a bit. Build quality seems good, I love the five sealed burners with continuous CI grates.