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Dec 23, 2011 04:59 PM

Wineries in Santa Rita Hills /Lompoc or Edna Valley open mid week


we're going to be passing through above areas on Tue or Wed Jan 3 and 4. I've got lots of info on what sound like great tasting rooms in Lompoc and area but most seem to be open only at weekends. Any suggestions for where to go on above days. I like old world style wines, unusual varietals esp reds and bordeaux blends nad rhone. Hate big fruit forward high alcohol wines

  1. Looks like Los Olivos will be your best bet.
    Stolpman, Qupe and Beckman all have tasting rooms open mid week. I like their wines. Stolpman has a white Rhone I tasted a few months ago that was excellent. Qupe consistently has some of the best values in California.
    Los Olivos also has the Los Olivos Tasting Room and Wine Shop. I don't know what they're pouring but they have a reputation for having a wide variety of stuff.
    Palmina has Italian varietals, uncommon for the area, but its tasting room in the Lompoc wine ghetto is closed when yoiu're there. You might want to look for their wines in the area.
    Cold Heaven is a viognier specialist with some reds. It tends to be more European in style. Again, the tasting room is not open when you're there, but if you see the wines, you might want to try them.
    Jalama Wines in the Lompoc wine ghetto has some excellent syrah, but they're also not open. If you did go, you might see Oscar diligently guarding the wine in the tasting room as the photo below shows.

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