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Dec 23, 2011 04:49 PM

Good Rum for Rum Balls?

I'm making Rum Balls (kind of like chocolate truffles made with rum+brownie filling) for our Christmas family dinner and I dont know smack about Rum (or alcohol for that matter).. The recipe calls for dark rum (the alcohol will not be cooked off, just fyi). Can anyone recommend any good, affordable dark rum for a complete rum/alcohol novice?

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    1. Good, affordable dark rum... I think I'd reach for Myers's. It's not as nuanced as other dark Jamaican rums, but it does the job. Gosling's Black Seal is pretty decent too.

      Oh! Just had an idea that goes back to the days of old Tiki bars... do a mix of rums. You get a more complex flavor than you do from any single rum. Get your hands on whatever 50 ml airplane bottles of dark rum you can find in the quantity you need, and mix 'em together. That way you won't have half a bottle of rum laying around afterward. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

      1. I would try to use a rum that has more rum flavor and less molasses. I would also avoid the most popular white rums like Bacardi. Choose a gold or dark rum but one that is not over run with molasses. Appleton, El Dorado, Mount Gay, Abuelo, Matusalem, Barcelo, Brugal all come to mind.

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          Or Pusser's. It seems to give everything an interesting taste - eggnog, mai tais, drinks similar to Dark-n-Stormies (TM) but with a rum other than Gosling's.

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            I have not yet. Some stuff came up and rum balls were no longer appropriate lol. I do plan to make them sometime in the future, when I get the chance. :]

            (Sister and I ended up buying hard apple cider for ourselves for new years, which were so yum!)

          2. I made rum balls at Christmastime that repurposed a fudgy chocolate cake with rum-soaked dried cherries in it, so sounds similar to what you have in mind should you get around to making them. I used Myers's, which I like as a flavoring in desserts, and the rum balls were a hit.