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Dec 23, 2011 04:42 PM

OK, pre-salt Prime Rib, but what about too-salty au jus ???

Hey, I have been reading all the threads I have seen on
cooking prime rib, because this is a First-Ever for me
and I am fixing it for Christmas dinner :-)

I am trying to firm up my procedure, and in the meantime
my roast is dry aging in the fridge swathed in its cheesecloth.

I see that many of the "Hounds" presalt their prime rib,
even for as much as 1 to 2 days prior to cooking.

Won't all that salt make the jus too salty though?
That's NOT what I want.....

And I want PLENTY of au jus !!!!
(and serving with Maitre d Butter too, yum !....)

Help !!!

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  1. You are only supposed to use as much salt as you would normally use, not more. Just do it at least one night ahead of time.

    If you're not overcooking it, you won't be getting any "jus."

    1. When you pre-salt a roast 1-2 days before cooking, the salt is absorbed deep into the roast, so the whole roast is seasoned, not just the surface. And the roast is more moist and more tender.

      Judy Rodgers of Zuni Cafe is a big proponent of pre-salting chicken and meat. Ms. Rodgers calculates that the ideal amount of salt to use is 1 Tablespoon of medium grain sea salt per 4.5 lbs. of meat. For more info, refer to the article at the following link:

      1. Buy some shank and make au jus with that...finish by adding the drippings from your rib.