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Dec 23, 2011 04:24 PM

Any Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in Central New Jersey ?

I'm aware of all the Indian and Asian Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants like Chand Palace or Veggie Heaven. It's either hard to find or they don't exist but I can't find any American/deli style Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants. I looking for a place that has a good veggie burger.

I found Sweet Basil in West Orange, NJ but that was too far of a drive. They have a decent Vegan selection on the menu. The black bean burger was surprising good but I don't think I drive that far for it again.

Anybody looking to open a vegan restaurant, Central Jersey location is in need badly.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Thanks for the links!!! I've already looked at the older chowhound threads, majority of the places are in south jersey or very north jersey or no longer exist.

      Bordentown is almost 1hour drive in south jersey. I'm looking for a spot in Central Jersey along the Rt 78/Rt 287 area like Bridgewater , Somerville , Bedminster , Basking Ridge , Morristown, Clinton, Chester. There's nothing within 15 minute drive in those areas except the Indian/Asian, Chipotle, Panera, friendly places. I always debate, if I'm going to make a 1hour hike to north jersey/south jersey might as well go into NYC (40minutes drive) for better quality & more options.

      oh well, I keep dreaming on hitting the lottery so I can hire my own private vegan chef :-/

      1. re: Funkalicious

        The East West Cafe and Grill in New Brunswick has amazing veggie wraps and quesidillas. They also have a veggie burger on the menu, and it looked good, but I have not personally tried it.

        Pamir, in Morristown has wonderful Afgan/middle eastern cuisine, and offers several vegetarian options.

        My vegan friend swears by Loving Hut, which recently opened a branch in Ledgewood,..she says their vegan burgers are amazing.

        While Spoon & Sprout Cafe in Hillsborough does not have a veggie burger, they have a great veggie/vegan menu.

        1. re: PuniceaRana

          Thanks PuniceaRana !! I will check out these places.

        2. re: Funkalicious

          oh well, I keep dreaming on hitting the lottery so I can hire my own private vegan chef :-/
          if you do hit the lottery and you're willing to reimburse me for my commute from North Jersey, you can hire me ;)

          sorry i couldn't be more helpful with restaurant suggestions. i do have one recommendation if you're willing to eat at a non-veg restaurant. the next time you're near a Houston's or Hillstone, their veggie burger is FANTASTIC...and vegan if you order it without cheese.

          good luck!

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Goodhealthgourmet, Don't be sorry, it's great info & helpful to others. Everybody veggie person I 've met also recommends Houston's - I've been wanting to check out Houston's/ Hillstone veggie burger for awhile. Maybe I'll check out the Park Ave location, next week. I wonder if anybody has figured out the recipe, $18 for veggie burger is over the top.

            Edit: found copycat recipes of the Houston veggie burger, with comments from the employees/chef who made the burgers.



            1. re: Funkalicious

              For what it's worth, Houlihan's (chain restaurant) has an EXCELLENT veggie burger. Best one I've ever had. (I'm a former vegan/vegetarian). Not sure if it's vegan, though, but if you go to their website, they actually list vegan options!

      2. Discover another restaurant with a really tasty veggie burger at Bernards Cafe in Bernardsville. Their spicy black bean burger are delicious and it comes with fresh guacamole too. I'm not sure if it's vegan, need to ask next time. I love their salads too, lots of veggie choices and really fresh & crispy lettuce.

        1. I find the veggie burger at the Bridge Cafe in Frenchtown to be the best around. It's made on premises from lentils, brown rice, spinach and feta cheese. Not vegan, but it's one of the tastiest I've ever had. They serve it on a bun spread with hummus. It's really, really good.
          Lovin Oven in Frenchtown also has some great vegetarian and vegan choices.
          My favorite vegan restaurant, though, is Sprig and Vine in New Hope, PA. OK, so it's not exactly in Central NJ but it's just 2 minutes over the bridge from Lambertville. Their cauliflower banh mi sandwich is out of this world.

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          1. re: madgreek99

            If this is still a thread in which folks are interested with a Central Jersey locale, I highly recommend the following in my neck of the woods. All highly recommended.:

            Jesse's Cafe

            one of my favorites, The Twisted Tree

            or for dinner when I'm at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, this is an excellent alternative to the preponderance of Italian and New American restaurants in this burg'


            1. re: JustJake

              The Eurasian Eatery in Red Bank closed down a couple of weeks ago. But there is a relatively new vegan place in Red Bank called Good Karma Cafe. I've never eaten there but i know a bunch of people who eat there often.


              1. re: JayUnt

                this is a much more casual and seriously vegetarian place than eurasian eatery was.

              2. re: JustJake

                the eurasian eatery just closed. i will miss the black bean moussaka, the spinach pate, and several other dishes....

            2. I didn’t see this mentioned but if it was I apologize for the double post…but The Loving Hut has opened a location on Rt. 34 in Matawan. In the Dunkin Donut’s plaza at the intersection of 34&516.

              I am both literally and figuratively speaking one of the largest carnivores you will meat. (typo intentional) I am as far from a vegan or vegetarian as it comes…however I have an employee who is vegan so if we do lunch out this is the go to spot. I have to tell you EVERYTHING I have had there has been excellent and I could never detect I’m eating tofu, fofu or bolognafu. The taste and texture of all their meals and sandwiches are excellent and they are full of flavor. The place honestly blew me away and it went from a place I went to accommodate a friend to a place I honestly look forward to eating at. Excellent choice in my book for vegan cuisine!! (Mind you though I do not have much experience)

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              1. re: jrvedivici

                Sounds like one can get more than just tofu at a place named 'The Loving Hut'.

                just kidding folks ;-)

                1. re: JustJake

                  Listen Jake......the only "happy ending" at the Loving Hut is the coconut ice cream! ;-)

              2. I guess it's still the same in Central Jersey in 2014.

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                1. re: Funkalicious

                  Sometimes defining 'Central Jersey' is hard enough, but here's a couple for you.



                  1. re: Funkalicious

                    Jesse's Cafe in Long Branch closed over a year ago.