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best onions rings

i am looking for the best thin onion rings, simple, crisp and hot

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  1. We had some at Mahoney's a few days ago that were really different. Very very thin and crispy. We loved them and there were a lot of them.

    1. I've had very good, very light and crispy,. onion rings at the Village Inn in Harahan and Donewar's on the West Bank.

      1. Dempsey's in Baton Rouge, two locations. You'll never be satisfied with anything else.

        1. Before K, I would have answered SidMar's. Have not been to the new location off of Veterans, but have heard that they are still great.

          1. Mahony's is good for that.

            1. It is a moot point, but the White House on Old Hammond Highway was the gold standard for thin crisp onion rings in a loaf or half loaf. I recall reading recently that the children or grandchildren of the White House owners are still in the restaurant business somewhere.

              1. I answered my own question. We went to Parasol's for the RB poor boy and tried the onion rings. They were darn good. Thin, crispy, almost dusty, and abundant. As opposed to a completely neutral batter, they used some light seanoning, which is a personal preference item.

                Parasol's Restaurant
                2533 Constance St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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                  Went to Mahoney's today. Only by a slight personal preference did their rings nose out Parasol's. Mahoney's were neutral, while Parasol's had a slight seasoning.

                  Mahoney's fried green tomatoes and remoulade were unacceptable. The tomatoes were sliced too thick (about 3/8"-1/2") and the remoulade sauce was a zero. Simply pedestrian.

                  3454 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA

                  1. re: Ignatious Riley

                    what about the poor-boys at both these places, which one did you like the best?

                    1. re: califkatie

                      By a length, Parasol's. However, Mahoney's is darn good. Parasol's meat seemed to be better cooked, tender, and almost mixing, blending, and disolving with the gravy. It seemed to be sliced uniformly. In both my poor-boy, and girlie's, Mahoney's had chunks that seemed outta place. I do believe that P's gives more meat., but since I was without adult beverage enhancment, this is somewhat suspect.
                      I love the heavy gravy @ Parasol's, and I did not touch the Crystal sauce. At Mahoney's the Crystal did add to the beautiful flavor. Heck the "dressed" part of the sandwich could make a brick taste good.

                      Both are "A"s, but P's by a length.

                      Parasol's Bar
                      2533 Constance St, New Orleans, LA 70130

                    2. re: Ignatious Riley

                      I'm glad I didn't get the fried green tomato poboy there then, I sure thought about it. The chicken liver one was really good. And I did love their onion rings. I can't imagine how they get them so thin. They were like slivers but yet still in rings.