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Decent Rye Bread in the east bay?

If so, where?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Acme makes a good corn rye. Berkeley Bowl carries some breads from Esther's German Bakery.

    1. i have seen Anna's Daughter's rye at Berkeley bowl but it is not coomon.

      1. Bread workshop on university @ acton - also available at Berkeley Bowl.

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                But quite authentically Bavarian...buy at Framer's Market and keep in plastic bag in fridge.

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions. If I don't make it down to Berkeley bowl tomorrow (it will be a madhouse, won't it?) I'll either grab an Acme Corn Rye from Piedmont Market or get a light rye from La Farine. Have any of you tried the La Farine rye? - I like their breads in general.

              I should have mentioned I need the loaf sliced for sandwiches.

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                I'm not sure Acme makes that any more, it's not on their Web site. They have four other kinds:


              2. Octoberfest Bakery on Univerisity in Berkeley is the best for Jewish Rye. There Reaper buns can not be beat either.

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                  As a big fan of Octoberfeast, when others on this thread said their rye bread is dry, I decided to research that myself. And so, as of Friday, while the flavor is excellent, I concur that the Jewish Rye bread is on the dry side. But love those Octoberfeast pretzels, pretzel croissants, pretzel bread, and the Reaper buns are fabulous.

                2. Taste of Denmark (formerly Neldam's) in Oakland -- selection varies -- don't recall their baking schedule.

                  My last visit was early Friday a.m. before Christmas -- huge holiday display of many varieties of rye breads plus the usual holiday displays of stoellen (again multiple varieties) and cookies. . . not their usual offerings. They will slice their bread loaves. Consider calling to check on their current rye offerings. Hubby's been buying one of their ryes for our sandwiches (don't know which one); it's not just colored white bread and reasonably priced for a 1.5-lb loaf.

                  My favs are their cinnamon bread, butter flake and Swedish rolls, turnovers (apple, apricot) and, of course, the Dream of Cream cake. Counter service may be slower but be patient -- lots of senior customers who take time (hey, I'll be that way too some day).

                  Taste of Denmark
                  3401 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

                  1. While I don't think other of their breads are the best in show, I'm actually partial to Semifreddi's rye over Acme et. al.

                    And while raisin pumpernickel isn't the rye bread the poster seeks, I think of it as "mishpochah"--so would add that the raisin pumpernickel at the Bread Garden in Berkeley, sold by the hand-sliced slice, is exceptionally delicious.

                    1. Has anyone tried Beckmann's rye? They also have marble rye which i missed out on because the person in front of me bought the last loaf.

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                        OMG, Metropolis Baking Company makes a great marble rye.

                        I wasn't looking closely and assumed this was Beckmann's because it was at the El Cerrito Farmers Market. However, Beckmann's is Saturday and Metropolis is Tuesday.

                        This is a beautiful thing. Excellent strong rye flavor and a nice chewy crust. The bread itself is fresh and not dried out like most local rye bread. Good ingredient list.

                        I bought a marble rye at Full Circle Baking in Penngrove recently. It really sucked big time. I am coming to the conclusion I don't like much from that bakery.

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                          RW, thanks for the info about Metropolis Baking Company. I've been on the hunt for marble rye bread for an event next weekend. I seem to recall that Berkeley Bowl West carries Beckmann's marble rye but didn't see any on their shelves last Thursday - maybe they were just out, I don't know. So I did some sleuthing on the Metropolis website and the store outlets don't appear to carry their marble rye, just the farmer's markets. I called the number on their site and was able to order directly from them. Fyi, they need a 48 hour window for the marble rye, so plan accordingly. I can pick up anytime between 8am-4pm, cash or check only.

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                            Hope that marble rye was ok.

                            I picked up the NY-Style rye today and liked it a lot more than the marble rye. It is probably the best rye I've had on the West Coast.

                      2. The bakery at Market Hall in Rockridge has a hearty rye. I bought a loaf a few weeks ago for a pastrimi sandwich, the pastrimi was from Marin Sun Farms. It was sublime!

                        1. On a related note, does anyone know where I can get a round rye bread?

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                          1. Octoberfest has a Round Rye

                              1. On a related note, I'm looking for 100% rye bread (no wheat fillers; some barley might be ok.) Are any of these 100% rye, or does anyone know of some that are?

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                                  I've bought 100% rye at Berkeley Bowl. Some of Esther's breads are, you have to check the label, I'm not sure if BB is currently stocking those. I think some of the vollkornbrot is shelved in another section.

                                  Anna's Daughters: http://www.annasrye.com/locations.php

                                  If you're just looking for no wheat, Mariposa.