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Dec 23, 2011 11:58 AM

CIA Professional Chef iPad App Anyone?

Thinking of putting this on the wish list. I have a couple editions of the print version, and enjoy them very much, but I'm intrigued by the new possibilities with video, comments, etc... as well as the portability of always having it with me! But pricey for an app at $50. Anyone have a review?

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  1. I heard on The Splendid Table that this was going to be the (a) required version of the textbook at the CIA.
    first 'tech in the kitchen' segment

    1. I bought it and love it - lavishly illustrated, extremely well indexed and sometimes there is nothing like having a technique shown via video. I don't use it constantly but for mastering basic and advanced techniques, it's a fantastic reference.

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        Does it work like a book, or an app? What I mean is, if you're on page xx and the text references a recipe or technique on page yy, is there a link to take you there? Are things interconnected?

        This is what I've found difficult in cookbooks that move from print to digital, it's too hard to move around, because the books don't provide links to other pages, just text references. The book is scanned, and the index or table of contents *might* be hyperlinked, but that's where functionality ends.