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Dec 23, 2011 11:17 AM

any suggestions for New Haven?...would like a really good place for pizza, please

going with a dear friend who is new to the city...I will be staying at Omni Hotel but have a car if something nearby is excellent..



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  1. Would suggest Ibiza. Fantastic Spanish food and great service. If it still on the menu try the fresh sardine appy.

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      Thanks John...anyone have any thought on John Davenport’s? It’s on 19th floor of my hotel...looks like it should be quiet with nice views but have read mixed reviews about the food.

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        I agree with the Ibiza rec...great food, in my opinion the best place in New Haven to eat. Never heard of John Davenports...

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          John Davenport's is much better than your average hotel restaurant, but is itself quite average compared to the other restaurants recommended here.

      2. I haven't been to Ibiza, so can't compare, but we've been very happy with Kudeta. It's a pretty room, and they have an interesting variety of food. We also love the food at Thali, but it may not be upscale enough for what you are looking for. We've been to Heirloom at the Study, and it was nice, but has a pretty small menu.

        1. The Union League Cafe has always been excellent.

          1. Portofino on State Street - great Italian food and good service.

            1. Thanks to all...we are going to Ibiza...Tuesday is paella night.....but really appreciate all the input as my friend has just moved from L.A. to New Haven...I am from L.A., as well.

              Happy Healthy New Year to all,


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                There's a lot more than Ibiza, although it is one of the best.

                Nina's and Barcelona also excellent tapas (also Bistro Basque in Milford if you have access to a car). Burgers - Prime 16 and Louis' Lunch. Sushi - Miya's Sushi (the most unique sushi ever), Miso, and Sushi on Chapel. Also Zinc, Bespoke, Union League, Heirloom, Caseus, Skappo, 116 Crown, Pacifico, Oaxaca Kitchen, Rice Pot, Mezcal. And so on.