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Dec 23, 2011 07:08 AM

suggestion for pasta side dish to go with.....

not positive on menu for this weekend's company - but thinking of pizza and fried ravioli with drinks, followed by chicken scarparello(chicken, potatoes, sausage, peppers), roasted veggies, and meatballs - the obvious pasta would be spaghetti - but wondering if anyone has something different to put with this meal.

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  1. Pizza, fried ravioli, and potatoes. Do you really need another starch? Maybe bread or rolls.

    1. Actually, smilingal, I wouldn't serve pasta with the chicken. (Personally, I absolutely Love a Scarparello chicken and make it often... on the very spicy side, I might add.) I serve rice, but not a risotto. Or sometimes steamed or roasted potatoes. (I don't put potatoes in my scarpariello), plus a green vegetable. Roasted broccoli, for instance, or green beans....

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        I am in agreement with Gio and Nemo. No more pasta after pizza and ravioli. Yes on green vegetable (I'd go for the beans over the broccoli, but that's just me).

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          I am going to roast broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower.

        2. i'm thinking of the pasta for the meatballs

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            but do you really need the meatballs? they seem superfluous to me if you're already serving a protein-heavy main dish. i think just the chicken & roasted veggies would be perfect, particularly since you've got pretty filling appetizers on the menu.

            like Gio, i don't put potatoes in my scarpariello - maybe you could serve roasted potatoes as a side instead?

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              i wasn;t planning originally to serve the meatballs but they were requested at the last week's holiday party that we all were at together.

              hey gio and goodhealthgourmet - feel like sharing your scarp recipes and comparing?

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                I first saw the Scarpariello a few years ago on a blog called FX Cuisine. An Italian fella living in Switzerland. I've seen many similar recipes but his was the only one that included the hot cherry peppers and some of the liquid from the jar, and no sausages. But, sometimes I include hot spicy sausages too.

                Here's a link to an earlier post of mine with the recipe...

                NB: Often I use a whole cut-up chicken instead of just thighs.

                1. re: Gio

                  Gio - thanks for that link - I have saved it for when I can enjoy reading all the other recipes for thighs! I, too, am using cut up breasts with skin and bones as well as the thighs. The combined recipes which I use both had called for cut-up whole chickens.
                  I do use the hot cherry peppers and liquid as well as vinegared sweet bell peppers. I like to pan fry the potatoes before mixing in.

                  and GHG - I use the vinegar from the vinegared bell peppers - but I'd bet the red wine vinegar would be a good zing as well.

                  GHG and Gio - would you make this the day before needing to serve it for company?

                  And YES to the combination of sausages.

                2. re: smilingal

                  i'd love to share...but it's packed in a storage facility 3,000 miles away :( Gio's sounds pretty close, though i also fortify mine with a little red wine vinegar, sauteed sliced mushrooms and oregano.

                  oh, and yes on the sausage - Italian sweet or hot (or a combo). the fennel seed in there works really well with the other flavors in the dish.

            2. you still don't need to make pasta with the meatballs. you'll have plenty of starch all day and with spaghetti it will seem like 2 separate dinners.

              i'd also skip the brussels in the veg dish. the broccoli and cauliflower seem a better match with the chicken and dausage.

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                I agree, meatballs fine on their own, no more starch!