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Dec 23, 2011 06:38 AM

Bad granite job?

Hello! We just bought granite last Friday and had installed this Wednesday. We had shopped around quite a bit and settled on Uba Tuba for our future black appliances and the cabinets I just painted green. We originally were going to use Lowe's (had checked out a few other places prior and looked at different slabs) but a person at a tile store recommended we check out this company. Right now I have Chase putting the payment into dispute until we have this settled. When we mentioned these to the installer he said we could put a flower over one of the marks. He also proceeded to tell me about flooring they had installed that someone didn't love and they simply told them to rearrange the furniture, much like they are telling me to do. I did not pick my slab because they told me "Uba Tuba is Uba Tuba and there isn't much different about each slab." While this may be true, I would not have closen one with these defects. What do you all think? Here is what I emailed them:

Although some of these may seem like small complaints, when massed together have made us not thrilled about the final job. I have attached photos in the meantime.

Photo: Pit on outside corner that caught my sweater
Photo (1): Dull mark that installer tried to scrub off but could not
Photo (2): Pit on edge
Photo (3): Pit on short L
Photo (4): One of the larger scratches
Photo (5): Blemish that a few of our contractor acquaintances mentioned looks like a filled hole because of the discolor
Photo (6): Faucet slightly of center

Because of our walls there are several places where the granite has a gap between the wall and will need extra thinset when we go to do a backsplash. When originally we were going to go with Lowe's they mentioned that they use a laser to do their measuring specifically for this purpose, so that there is a seamless transition to the wall.

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  1. Hi Tags,

    It's hard to tell from your photos (mostly all I saw was the flash reflection), but I do agree on the large scratch photo and the faucet off center. In your story it also seems odd to me you didn't get to select your exact slab. Hindsight, I'm sure you're thinking that should have been red flag #1.
    If your efforts to resolve with the installation company go nowhere, I'd recommend following up with the BBB. At least then if it remains unresolved there is a paper trail for future customers to beware.

    Good luck!

      1. Looks like hell. Don't pay, insist they take it away. Find new supplier.

        1. Looking at the pictures I feel like I'm looking at shots of UFOs--impossible to tell what is going on. I don't see how the faucet is off center by much and I'm fairly picky about that kind of stuff. Wish I could really tell what it looks like. (There were a couple small problems with our granite counters and I was going to make a big deal about it but 2 years later I don't even notice the problems--maybe I've mellowed in my older age.)

          1. I would never have granite installed without looking at the slabs. Yes, there are slabs that have imperfect streaks in them and some people like that. Granite is a natural stone so yes, it will have imperfections. It is just to what degree you can put up with. Some granaites are pretty consistent with their pattern. I do not have Uba Tuba but I know it is on the green side. I don't know how consistent the pattern is. I don't like the attitude of the company employees though telling you to put a flower over it.