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Dec 23, 2011 06:19 AM

Truly Great Paella in Mexico City?

Which restaurants, if any, in Mexico City would you recommend for a truly great paella. with the emphasis on seafood?
We have seen paella served at Casino Español, Boca del Río and at La Morenita, in the Mercado Medellín, Colonia Roma. Never have tried any of those.

Nick Gilman mentions a fonda on Calle López, Centro, south of Calle Ayuntamiento.

Gracias, Anónimo

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  1. O.k. How about _good_ paella in Mexico City? It doesn't have to be truly great.

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      Continuing Google research has uncovered Casa Rosalía, on Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas #46, and El Cabrito Astur, Palma #40, both in Centro. We are homing in on this and hope to report first hand in a week or so,

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        We didn't eat there, so I can't vouch for it, but Cafe Rex on Calle de Febrero just south of Republica del Salvador had big, beautiful platters of "rica" paella going all day. Might be worth strolling past. I just happened to randomly snap a pic (below).

        Also Cantina La Mascota had paella a la valenciana as one of their dishes pretty much every day, but somehow among the many, many things we had there we missed it.

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          Gracias, Kukubura. I may look in at it, but we have our sights fairly firmly now on El Cabrito Astur. Having visited northern Spain 10 years ago, the allure of its cuisine is almost irresistible to me.

          I downloaded a menu for El Cabrito Astur from, but oddly, it doesn't list paella! But the website has "Paella Cantábrica" mentioned and shown several times thereon.

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            Update on paella at El Cabrito Astur: We dined in this charming cellar restaurant and bar on Friday evening. The service was very attentive. I loved the room. To start, we shared two platters of their signature cabrito asado. It was tasty if bony. Our friend said that it was much better than he had had at El Regiomontano, on Calle Luis Moya.

            The paella Astur or alternately called "Cantábrica" takes up to an hour to prepare. It was very attractive and although pleasant to eat, I felt that it was lacking something. It contained large prawns in the shell, clams, mussels, (both clams and mussells in the shell), chorizo (the chorizos were the least interesting to me.) and vegetables such as sweet peppers, green beans and small pieces of artichoke hearts.

            Overall, it was a very pleasant dinner, but I will still be looking for the perfect paella.

    2. Go to Meson del Cid on Humboldt, they make individual and large portions of paella and the place is absolutely beautiful to boot!

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      1. This is so unhelpful that I am commenting on something I don't really know, but my Spanish friend raves about the authenticity of El Raco on Sonora facing Parque Mexico in Condesa. IF they have paella, it's probably good. I've eaten there a few times, like the food, but don't remember if they have.

        If D.O. does paella it's also probably pretty darn good. My guess is that if they did it it would be a special.
        Their mystery dessert, however, is awesome.