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Dec 23, 2011 05:37 AM

Han's Sausage and Delicatessen, Burien

I just had to post about this delightful shop!

I have lived in West Seattle for 10 years, and regularly am in White Center or Burien for various errands or foodie reasons. I don't know why I haven't been in this place sooner, but finally stopped into Han's wonderful-smelling shop at 717 SW 148th just before Thanksgiving, thinking I might bring some interesting item to my hostess house, and also had a craving for a Landjeager that Bavarian Meats makes, and thought they might have this.

Wow, did they and more! I have been back 4 times now, most recently yesterday. The crowd was 3 deep, and speaking all kinds of German and other northern European languages - everyone getting supplies for the holiday weekend. See the pic.
I picked up liverwurst (soft, with wine; one of 5 kinds they have), some housemade bockwurst - grilled for dinner last night - yum! Best ever had, including in Germany. Some spiced veal loaf, which looks like a very fine head cheese and tastes spicy, herby, veal-y (made up word!). Delish!
They also have a wonderful assortment of condiments, scandinavian mixes, candies, and more. Got me some curry ketchup, that reminds me of being in Belgium.
Anyhoo, I just had to spread the word, as I had never heard of this place from any foody friend ever in Seattle, and that's 35 years + now, and this place looks like it has been around for a good long while.
The counter gal said they make most products in house, and there must have been 50 meats, cold cuts, smoked hocks, sausages, salads, etc. in the case.

Go, you'll thank me, but more like thank's to Hans'!

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  1. I too,was a frequent shopper here when I lived in West Seattle. Their meats/sausages &cold cuts are sooo good,most made right on the premises....delish homemade potato salads and sauerkraut too.
    Fresh Kaiser rolls on Tues & Thurs.Counter help very pleasant,esp. 'Petra'.
    Lots of interesting food items,mustards & condiments,beers & wine from Europe.Cute store!
    Try to not spend too much---it's hard!

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    1. re: grangie angie

      Indeed, Angie, I spent a little more than planned, but so yummy!
      Glad at least some CH knows about this store... it seems old world producers of these kind of products are pretty rare these days. There are all the new charcuterie trends, etc. but old school is pretty great to eat and learn from too:)

    2. Gingershelly, Hans is a Seattle gem like Big John's PFI. (True to German tradition, you cannot find a cleaner store in the Pacific Northwest.) Their ham hocks are the best I've ever found. (A great stocking stuffer idea for a Chowhound?) In the wine section you can find Frankfurt Apflewein. (This apple wine is an acquired taste; like extremely hard cider with a bite.) Naturally they have excellent bratwurst and crusty German dark breads. Definitely a Chowhound destination.

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      1. re: Leper

        Thank you for saying so Leper, your opinions are allways valued! I think it is a bit narrower than PFI, in that it has a specific porky-preserved contingent to have love it... but, the concept is true!
        Mostly I thought that if people had no access to such a venue, and would enjoy a chance at bavarian meats - from a source - I would put that out there.
        Eat these tasty treats, as Leper says, Dark bread, Ham hocks, and more!
        Merry Christmas!