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Dec 23, 2011 02:35 AM

Applesauce - make your own and kick your latkes onto a higher madrega [moved from Kosher board]

I have deep, moral objections to store-bought applesauce. These objections stem form my conviction that food should taste wonderful, not merely sweet.

And applesauce is so easy to make.

Take any baking apple (or, really, any apple) chop into pieces removing core. If you leave the skin on - certainly do - make the pieces with skin attached not much more than 1/2 inch across.

For a family of four, plan to use six Rome apples for one meal.

Throw the chopped apples in a pot, add a little water and simmer. Aside from checking to see if you need to add more water, that's all you have to do. it cooks itself soft. When it is soft, taste and add sugar to taste.

With latkes, I sometimes stop here. But usually, I make two bowls, one spiced and one plain.

As a sauce for roast chicken, meat or turkey (and there is no better sauce for meat) I add cinnamon, allspice and a pinch of cloves.

It is delicious warm, room temp, or cold. You cam make it days ahead.

I like it chunky, with the peels in. Some people put it through a ricer or food mill, but I prefer the more irregular texture.

Leftovers keep very well, but you're unlikely to have any.

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  1. Agree 101% with u, having grown up w/homemade applesauce, I can never stomach the jarred stuff, even the unsweetened kind! Just to add 1 additional plus of making homemade applesauce, it freezes really well!

    1. Here's another hint: before cleaning the pot, make chicken soup in it.

      1. We never buy sweetened apple sauce so the sweetness issue is moot.

        1. Applesauce - Buy store bought and spend more time with your kids!

          Just kidding you for your "deep moral objections". I grew up in literally an apple orchard (between our house and my next door grandparents' house we had over a dozen monstrous, mature apple trees with Delicious, McIntosh and others - not to mention pear and plum trees) and we made (with an apple strainer) and consumed buckets of applesause each season.
          Having made a very tasty batch from scratch more recently, I am respectfully of the opinion that some of the store bought stuff is good enough to shmear on a Latke

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          1. re: Arinoam

            Just out of interest, what's the deal with apple sauce and latkes. I grew up in the UK, and never remember anyone having latkes and apple sauce. Could be that apple sauce was never big in the UK to begin with or that we were sefardi.

          2. sugar in applesauce??!! I have a deep moral objection to that. If you want it sweeter, use a sweeter apple, like honey crisp or fuji.
            And although in fall I make enough sauce to freeze and use all year ( except for latkes, when I make it in the oven as the latkes cook). there are actually some very good unsweetened store brands, like Santa Cruz organic.