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Dec 23, 2011 01:47 AM

Best Indian restaurant in Old Montreal

If you had to eat indian in Old Montreal (I realize there are better further afield) which one is the better choice food-wise and overall ambiance. I know they get mentionned a bit here but I get them mixed up. The choices are: Kashmir, Mirchi, Gandhi and Masala Cuisine. My fuzzy memory recalls Mirchi having been reviewed favorably??

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  1. Mirchi's okay, Ghandi's probably the best of the lot but there's mixed feedback from the forum. I think I read that the chef at Ghandi is now in the kitchen at Mirchi.

    1. The group has decided on Mirchi. We'll see how it turns out... My online search has revealed that Gandhi had good reviews early on but has slipped off the radar in the past year or so. I read that it changed ownership and the original owners now run Mirchi. Can anyone substantiate this?

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        I'm considering eating at one of these places Saturday night with a group of 4. How was your meal at Mirchi?

        1. re: vermontreal

          Total letdown. The food was alright if you've never had indian food but if you're familiar with it you WILL be disappointed! The flavours are dumbed down, the service is ok, the ambiance is nice, it's overpriced for average food. Avoid anything with fish (wasn't very fresh tasting) and the mirchi platter, a few morsels of overdone meat (kebabs, tandoori chicken) for $22. The company was good so we had a fun evening but the food was completely forgettable.

          1. re: hungryann

            Thanks for the update, sounds like we'll pass on this and maybe make the trek to Park Ex.