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Dec 23, 2011 12:21 AM

Pig Out BBQ in Pickering

I noticed this storefront in a new plaza in Pickering (Kingston Road east of Whites, opposite the Whites Rd exit ramp off the westbound 401). Parked in front and took a look through the windows, not close to opening yet, saw kitchen equipment in the dining area. Those who are familiar with the area, it's the plaza that has the new Crabby Joe's and relocated Mary Brown's.

Anybody here know who is behind this place? The closest I could find is Pig Out Roasters which appears to be a catering company - their logo doesn't look anything like the signage at this restaurant. I just hope it's not another poseur like Memphis Style Smokehouse....

Hoping that someone here (any of the east GTA regulars and/or BBQ experts) would have some inside info about this newcomer.

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  1. Just noticed this place today as well. Not too sure about who's behind it, or what the menu will look like. I'm assuming rent won't be cheap....

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      I drove by this past week (went through the parking lot to get a closer look at the storefront). Steady progress inside, already has a big TV over the bar (which was on CP24 to keep the workers entertained...) ]

      Wish someone knew who is behind this place. Hoping it's a Camp 31 outpost but that would be VERY optimistic indeed....

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        Turns out they aren't open yet, their grand opening is tomorrow (Feb 2). I did stop by today and got a copy of their take-out menu. Scanned it for everybody's convenience, as their website (supposed to be isn't up yet. Prices are competitive compared to Buster Rhino's at first glance.

        Open Sunday - Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday - Saturday 11am-3am.

      2. OK, I was in the area today and it's actually open now! Didn't see any customers inside (at 6PM), just staff standing around waiting/hoping. They should put a bigger sign at the side of the road announcing "Grand Opening", it's set far back from the street that they aren't easily seen (they're obscured by the Crabby Joe's and the Mary Brown's.)

        1. I drove by on opening day and the place was empty. From the menu, the poor promotion, and the lack of a smoker on site, I decided not to go in, to another franchise wannabe. It doesn't look like a fine neighborhood addition, just more sprawl, but if it gets good notices, I'll be proven wrong.

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