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Dec 22, 2011 10:08 PM

Good ramen walking distance from SFMOMA/Yerba Buena? Or pho.

Looking for a good recommendation for ramen near SOMA. I'm visiting with my parents and staying in that area, and they like a good bowl of ramen.

Is there a good ramen place in that area?

They are not ramen geeks, so I can take them to a good, but not necessarily amazing, place and they'll be okay with it.

Plus points for a little atmosphere...a little more stylish than your standard strip-mall place, or--better yet--feels like an authentic Japanese ramen place that could be lifted right out of a Tokyo train station.

I'll take pho recommendations in the area, too.....I know SOMA is quite near a great Vietnamese neighborhood. Once again, it'd be nice to take them to a place that doesn't look *too* much like a fast food joint inside. Also, since I hear there's a lot of great pho places right around The Tenderloin, I'd like a place that they'd feel safe walking to and from at night (they are in their 70's, and delicate).

Thanks, SF!

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    1. Katana-ya is about as good as ramen gets in downtown SF. Ajisen Ramen in the Westfield Mall is decent, too, but definitely has the fast food look.

      430 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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        Both those places will work--thanks!

      2. assumign the quality is the same as the TL location, the new turtle tower in SOMA.

        probably about a 15 minute walk