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Dec 22, 2011 10:01 PM

Poor man cooking recipes?

Im a young college student who is currently in between jobs so im very limited on what food I have at the moment. I love cooking but when you have such a lack of ingredient you have to get creative.

My question to you all is if anyone has any good "poor man" recipes that actually taste good?

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  1. I recommend you try making soups. A simple celery/potato/onion soup, for example, can be inexpensive and tasty. This will avoid the dual ills of high cost and excessive salt of canned soup. It is not much more work to make a large batch as a small one, so you can save time, which is important for a student. There is unlimited variety in soups and stews, and all you need is one suitable pot and a knife.

    1. My poor man's meal(s) always involve beans. If I make a pot of black beans, for example, I can eat beans and rice one night, then transform them into a soup or chili the next.... I sometimes add meat, sometimes not but I always feel like I have a few different, healthy and hearty meals from cheapo dried beans.

      1. I have to college student children in this situation, and they eat lots of potato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, red beans and rice with cornbread, jambalaya with a piece of sausage or chicken legs, etc. Recently they found a recipe for pizza pasta that is basically just a bag of pasta blended with jarred sauce and some pepperoni slices and mozzarella.

        Anything you can stretch with rice, potatoes, or pasta will help keep the costs down, as will buying things in season or in bulk. Since you like to cook, look for cheaper cuts of meat that need to be braised for a long time, or cooked in a lot of liquid.

        1. There are many inexpensive and wonderful dishes. Most of them involves vegetables as you may imagine.

          Saute green bean: green bean, salt, oil.

          Oyster sauce Chinese broccoli: Chinese broccoli, oyster sauce.

          1. Check this thread - - for lots of good ideas for frugal but nutricious meals. There are other similar threads here that you can search for.