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Dec 22, 2011 05:00 PM

ISO Mennonite Salami

I want to buy a Mennonite salami Tomorrow. I believe they are/were about $20.

Where am I likely to find one in the GTA?.

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  1. Fiesta Farms used to carry the mennonite summer sausage, which is the $20 one you speak of. Recently they've replaced it w/ a mennonite beef salami. It's about $10 for it.

    Monforte dairy's farmer market stands sells the summer sausage. Can be found at Scadding Court and Sourauren, but don't think that's happening during the holidays.

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    1. re: aser

      Is the beef salami similar to the summer sausage--for non connoisseurs? If so it off to Fiesta Farms I go.

      1. re: Herne

        Well that wasn't such a good idea. Both parking lots were full by 11:30 and a cop was waving you away. No street parking available nearby. So I'll try again next week for New Years

    2. Pretty sure you can get it at Fresh from the Farm on Donlands....they are open tomorrow.

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      1. re: tochowchick

        Judging from their website I think you maybe right. If I get a chance tomorrow to go by I'll stop in.

        1. re: tochowchick

          Success. I bought one at Fresh from the Farm. Still the great taste I recall from 30-40 years ago.

        2. I've seen the Mennonite summer sausage with the fabric-type wrap at Wal-Mart, of all places.

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            1. re: Herne

              Yes, in Stouffville, but not sure how many others might have it too.

              1. re: Wiley1

                My good luck!
                I live not too far from Stouffville walmart- (not the greatest walmart around - has gone a bit downhill after its much anticipated arrival, in spite of the influx of people to the area). But if they carry Mennonite sausage then they ill go up a notch in my mind.
                Will check on the sausage situation. Yipppee. Can you share where you saw it there- deli? or back in meat section near bacon?

          1. This may be moving off topic, but I recall a Mennonite truck that used to sell goodies including some crazy good sausages at High Park and Gothic every Wednesday afternoon back in the early to mid 90's. I moved away and don't get back to the area often, but I haven't seen the truck anytime I pass by anymore. Does anyone remember this or know if they're still around?

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            1. re: Davedigger

              I love Mennonite salami - summer sausage. There used to be a couple of guys who sold them down at the Distillery for a fair $20. I haven't been for a while so I don't know if they're still there. And remember to let them hang for a few weeks.

              1. re: gilbert1111

                No chance at 2 weeks. I'm trying for New Years"s Eve.

                1. re: Herne

                  They have mennonite summer sausage at the St. Lawrence Market (South Market). The shop in the middle on the east side of the upper floor. Just bought it last week for $25 and it was very tasty. The market is open on the 31st until 4pm.

                  1. re: Herne

                    Well I made it to the day with 95% of the summer sausage intact. Thanks for al the help and direction.

                    1. re: Herne

                      So good with some Baldersons or other great aged cheddar on your NYE platter :)