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Dec 22, 2011 04:15 PM

North End or Steakhouse for Birthday Dinner

Well, Mr. Swank and I have narrowed down our birthday dinner dilemma a bit. We're either going to dine in the North End or at a steakhouse.

Any recommendations? In the North End, we've enjoyed Artu and Antico Forno and Daily Catch (though I don't want to dine there on a birthday ... no ambiance.) I was toying with Marco or Pomodoro. Thoughts? I prefer red sauce fare.

As for steakhouses, I hate to admit it, but I am slightly curious about Del Frisco's. Abe & Louie's also intrigues me. Bonus if there's a nice seafood menu, too.

Halp!? We're getting older by the minute...

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  1. This time of year, Del Friscos will not be busy. I think Abe's is a little better.

    Lo Conte's on Salem Street.

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    1. re: libertywharf

      Marco is excellent. Mamma Maria is anther good choice. Great atmosphere, consistent food and service, full bar.

      Abe's is not a special occasion place to me. It still feels like JC Hillary's. Good for lunch, missable for dinner.

      1. re: Gabatta

        There is a lot of ambience at Mamma Maria's for a Birthday celebration I think.

        The food and service is excellent as well.

    2. You can get excellent Italian food and what has been in my experience one of the best steaks in Boston at Prezza. Not red sauce, though (except on Sundays, when some red sauce-type dishes are offered).

      1. You could also consider Tresca, an Italian steakhouse in the North End with very good food.

        1. I have frequented most Del Frisco's in the country, I've always had an excellent experience. As for seafood, Abe & Louie's has an excellent swordfish chop.

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            I like Marco a lot. Not really a red sauce place, though. The ambiance is very cozy but not clostrophobic and they'll probably have the fireplace going this time of year. I like Mama Maria less than Marco but MM has a lot of fans. I had dinner at Lucca recently and that was far better than expected. It's a typically crowded North End type of atmosphere.

            Abe and Louis is very good but has that, seen one, seen them all type of steak house feel. Grill 23 has less of a guys club air to it- only slightly less, though. I rarely think one steak house is better than another. They're all, mostly, the same.

          2. Combine both: the best steak that I have had in Boston was at Prezza in the North End.