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Dec 22, 2011 03:38 PM

Twisted Pine: a bunch of flavor hounds having a good time

We have started to go there with some regularity. They always have an amazing array of flavorful and delicious beers. And Billy's Chiles is my new favorite beer. We have also enjoyed their food; even with a limited menu (that will soon expand, now that city rules and regs have changed to acknowledge that it is smarter to let people eat and drink rather than just drink. I look forward to their imminent kitchen expansion!

For comparison's sake, I was not nearly as impressed by Upslope's tap room or beers, but like the neighborhood feel. A bit of pent-up demand is being met here, especially with the food trucks serving ale-friendly fares like deep-fried tacos and sausages, and a dartboard. Now I want to check out the organic brewery out in Gunbarrel.

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