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Dec 22, 2011 03:15 PM

Side dish with enchiladas?

I'm planning a meal for extended family which will star enchiladas. I make a nice sauce from scratch, and make a variety of fillings: various vegetables, meats, etc. They're very savory/tasty, and kind of filling, as is the mandatory rice dish I have on the side. Can anyone suggest a nice fresh, green side to strike a good contrast?

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  1. Guacamole would be nice on the side, as well as a simple green salad or sautéed zucchini (peppers & cheese optional)....

    1. How about a green salad with orange segments, avocado, red onion, almonds or pepitas for crunch, and a citrus vinaigrette. Add or subtract ingredients based on your tastes.

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        What Terrie said- but add julienned jicama! Oranges and Jicama are lovely together. Add some chopped cilantro if you like too.

      2. Cool and sweet to serve with hot and spicy? There are so many variations of slaw, or look for green salads with oranges/bananas/pineapple etc.

        1. Today we did a last minute Christmas party/lunch at work. I made a big pot of chili, someone brought tamales, rice, cornbread, fruit salad, etc. I was running short on time so I got the broccoli salad kit from Costco. It is broccoli slaw, nuts, dried cranberries, bacon and a sweet onion dressing. We have leftovers of everything EXCEPT that salad!

          I think it was the perfect combination of crunch, sweet & savory and held up well to all the other dishes.

          1. My favorite sides with enchiladas are beans, rice & a simple garden salad which has just enough crunch to balance out the whole meal.