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Dec 22, 2011 02:59 PM

Help with Prime Rib Roast

I'm cooking a prime rib roast this Christmas, what is the internal temperature that I need to reach to get a medium cooked roast. I like my meat medium rare, but my guests are not too fond of bloody meat, so I don't want to under cook the meat to my liking. What should the meat thermometer read when I take the roast out of the oven before resting takes place and the carry over cooking raises the temperature?

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  1. 120-125. About 130 is medium rare, more or less. Medium is closer to 140. The end pieces will likely be a bit more done.

    If you roast at a low temp, like 200, the internal temp will only rise about 5 degrees. If you use a more conventional temp like 350, the temp could go up 10-15 degrees as it rests.

    Better to have a bit underdone then overdone -- you can't go back. One poster here whom I trust says 122 is the magic number and I agree.