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Dec 22, 2011 02:33 PM

Yummy, casual places like Urban Solace that are new to me?

With time off these next week or so I'm trying to think of places that the two of us might want to have lunch or dinner at that could be new or just new to us that doesn't start with Link or El or Arby.

Around $35 or $50 for two, for food. Little more if it's dinner, I suppose. From North Park to Coronado to Encinitas to RB / Poway or inbetween. I guess maybe we should try the newish Moonlight Solace up there. Stone is an option, Slater's 50/50 or other burger joints too or non-burger burger joints too.

Leroy's in Coronado, is that something?

Toss me some names! (And Merry Everything, everyone!)

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  1. $50 for two (or even $60 for dinner) will only be possible (even at Urban Solace or Moonlight Solace were the price are a bit higher than at Urban Solace)) if you don't drink any alcohol and share an appetizer and dessert and have two entrees. Some options: Smoking Goat, Avenue 5, Jayne's Gastropub, Cucina Urbana.

    1. Maybe a nice happy hour with some outstanding apps or small plates, Wisk & Laddle, Prep Kitchen etc.

      1. Urge Gastropub in RB if you happen to be stuck on the 15 corridor?

          1. Tiger Tiger!

            or rather, Tiger! Tiger!

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            1. re: MrKrispy

              I've been kind of underwhelmed on my last couple of visits.

              1. re: Josh

                We went for the first time a couple weeks ago and underwhelmed is a very kindly adjective to describe our impression. I mean, if you are going to do sandwiches, how about *good* sandwiches? SD *does* need more great sandwiches. Everything we ordered tasted dry or was otherwise lacking in flavor. Leaden, underseasoned sweet potato chips, punky arugula in a salad with fried goat cheese...I had the Autostrada; in retrospect, who in god's name would think to make 'housemade' mortadella and then put it on a panini press? Would you do that to Oscar Meyer bologna? Tastes very similar. Hot bologna.
                Why they didn't just get some Molinari salami from Mona Lisa, we will never know
                I actually didn't finish my meal. That never happens.

                1. re: TheeAce

                  Well, mortadella is bologna. . . .but that said, I haven't been impressed with the non-oyster menu selections either. Which is too bad because the beer has been pretty good, and I like the atmosphere. In the ideal world, the owners of Tiger!Tiger! and the owners of Carnitas Snack Shack team up and create one great place.